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Around Toolamba



Daunts Bend Forest is enjoyed by a variety of people living in our community, as well as some not living here. With the Forest being used by humans, surrounded by properties and recently flooded, 

there’s rubbish.


In an effort to reduce human rubbish in the Forest, The Friends of Daunts Bend group met on the morning of Saturday 2 March for rubbish (of the smaller variety) collecting.


Some of you are no doubt saying, “What is The Friends of Daunts Bend?” Simples, it’s a group of volunteers coordinated by Parks Victoria (PV), a group helping to conserve one of our special places.


PV Rangers, Emma & Felix and PV Community Liaison Officer, Sharon were on hand to provide a safety briefing, gloves, rubbish bags and insect repellent!

Only two community members of our group were able to attend, Keith Bryant & myself. In all, we were a small but dedicated group.


The five of us set off in a line spread between the fence boundary of McNamara Rd and the flood water. Everyone walked at their own pace, collecting rubbish in their bags. Apart from keeping an eye out for “nope ropes” (aka snakes), it was a relaxing way to spend time outside appreciating a special place - the Forest.


The usual type of rubbish was collected - cans, bottles, empty fast food containers, plastics etc and emptied into the PV ute for disposal.


The most disappointing aspect of the activity was learning that there are only seven local members of the Friends of Daunts Bend group. We need more!!


Whether you use the Forest or not, we urge you to join The Friends of Daunts Bend group:

1. It’s a low key group, with only a couple of activities each year - great for the time poor; 

2. There’s no committee so you won’t get roped into that responsibility, PV do it all;

3. As a volunteer you simply turn up to help with the required task; and 

4. It's a great way to mix with the locals.


Coming up this year PV will be collecting seed from trees on the sandhills and these will be propagated by the GV Tree Group in Tatura. When they are ready for planting out we will hold a community planting day. 

And at the north end of the park the cattle yards will be removed.


For further information on how to get involved, contact Sally Ham via email: or send a SMS to 0418-341-537.


The Toolamba Cemetery Trust received a grant to build a new entrance into the Cemetery on River Road. The attractive entrance has been built by Toolamba Metal Works on Toolamba Rushworth Road. The Trust is working on the construction of a gate for the

entrance way. The Trust also received funds to build a memorial wall for storage of cremation ashes. Inquiries can be made via email


The Recreation Reserve Committee is still looking to get the coffee service going, to create a casual social connection for local residents.


If are any baristas interested in using the coffee-making equipment to create a business opportunity with the support of the Committee, inquiries can be made through Caroline at 0429565058 or Mary at 0400941210.

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